Ava Do Magician Mentalist VietSun Interview

"How Neuroscientists and Magicians Are Conjuring Brain Insights" 

Scientific American's editor-in-chief, Mariette DiChristina, writes about Ava Do and other expert magicians, including James Randi at the Island of Thought Conference organized by neuroscientists Stephen Macknik & Susana Conde-Martinez, authors of the popular book Sleights of Mind.

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Vietsun Magazine's managing editor Vivian Luu profiles Ava Do.

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Ava Do, aka Do Le AnhDao, was born in Vietnam and migrated to the US at the age of 13. This petite, charismatic magician epitomizes success in a nonconforming profession of Vietnamese generation 1.5, where doctors and lawyers are still the comparative standard.
Ava Do featured in The Odyssey Magazine
Ava’s brand of magic is called mentalism, sometimes called mind reading. But it’s really more like mind manipulation.
— Kathryn Hulick, The Odyssey Magazine.

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Teaching Will Smith


Interview with Focus's con-artist consultants: Apollo Robbins & Ava Do

The film’s behind-the-scenes stars, ‘technical adviser’ duo AVA & APOLLO, taught the on-screen stars the ways of the pick-pocket and the con-artist. Their success is clear: Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s characters are talented and cunning pickpockets and demonstrate exceptional skills.
— The National Student